PADDOCK Sports virtual gift card to print

PADDOCK Sports virtual gift card to print



Virtual gift card to print


You don't have any gift idea or you don't have enough time

The PADDOCK Sports virtual gift card to print will be ideal for a last minute gift!

Available in a few clicks, this dematerialised gift card is printable and usable the same day.

Choose the value adapted to your budget (between 10 € and 700 €), finalise your order and you will receive it by email.

It's almost instantaneous!

All you have to do is download the PDF and print it out before putting it in a nice envelope.

You can also send the PDF by email directly to the person of your choice.

Fast, efficient, the purchase of a virtual gift card to print does not include any postage costs, whether in France or abroad.

Can't find it in your emails?

Don't panic, you can also find it in "My account, My orders". 

Click on "View my order" and then on the link "Download your gift card".


Terms and conditions of use

The E-gift card is valid for 1 year, i.e. 365 days, from the date of purchase on the entire PADDOCK Sports website.

There is no possibility to recharge it.

In case of loss, theft or expiry, the E-Gift Card cannot be exchanged or refunded.

It is not valid for the purchase of another E-Gift Card.

Valid 30 minutes after its reception, the E-Gift Card can be used in one or more times within the limit of its value.

The balance of your purchases can be completed by another means of payment.

To pay for an order with your E-Gift Card, simply check the box "pay by gift card" and enter the WEB Code.

The WEB code is a 6 character code that is displayed on your PADDOCK Sports E-Gift Card.

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