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  • The website

      Who are we?
      How does the site work?
  • My delivery

      What are the delivery charges?
      What is the delevery time ?
      How will my orders be delivered?
      Can I choose the day of my delivery?
      I didn't have time to pick up my package / my package is lost, what can I do?
      I refused a package at the post office because it was damaged, what do I have to do?
      Where will my order be delivered?
  • My orders

      I would like to group two orders, is that possible?
      Can I add an item to my order?
      Where's my invoice ?
  • My payment

      What are my means of payment?
      Is my credit card payment secure?
      When is my payment cashed ?
      What happens if my payment is refused?
      Can I pay upon delivery?
      Can I pay in installments?
  • My reimbursements

      Can I be reimbursed?
      When will I get my refund?
      How much will I get back ?
  • My returns and exchanges

      Can I exchange item(s)?
      How do I make an exchange ?
      The product received is not conforming/deteriorated, Can I exchange it/get my money back?
      There is a product missing from my order, what do I do?
      I've returned a package, I haven't heard from you, what can I do?
  • My guarantee

      Is there a warranty on my products ?
      Implementation of safeguards, how does it work?
      What are the limits of the guarantees ?
  • My products

      Is the photo of the product reliable?
  • My personal data

      Who has access to my personal data?
      Why do I have to give my email address and mobile number?
  • Technical difficulties

      I lost my password, what can I do?
      I changed my address, how does it work?
      What's a cookie ?
  • Customer Service - Contact

      How do I contact customer service ?
  • PADDOCK Sports virtual gift cards

      Can I order a gift card on the website?
      How do I pay for my internet order with my gift card?
      When and how will I receive my gift card?
      How can I see the amount available on my gift card and its validity?
      How does a gift card work?
      Où puis-je utiliser ma carte cadeau ?
      Can I only use part of the amount available on my gift card?
      Can I reload my gift card ?
      Can I use my gift card to buy discounted items?
      Is the gift card nominative?
      Can I return or get a refund on a gift card?
      Can I combine several gift cards for a single purchase?
      Can I return an item purchased with my gift card?
      Can I combine several payment methods when purchasing with a gift card?
      I lost my gift card, how can I find it again?
  • Code promo

      How does the PADDOCK Sports promo code work ?
  • Le configurateur

      What are the delivery times?
      I can't add another product to my order in the configurator?
      I can't upload my logo?
      How do I return a customised product?
      Can I get a refund for a personalised item?
      Where can I find my design?
      Can I cancel my order?
      Where can I find my logos?
      How much does it cost to create a logo?
      Can I put more than one logo on an item?
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