Our history

Paddock sports 20 years of creativity.

Our story, our commitment.


Strong since our 20 years of existence, it’s time for us to share you our story, and especially Paddock Sports history.

Bron in 2003, Paddock Sports wanted to embody the « french riding tailor-made », to create customs products, fit to every needed, in order to represent each customer, sponsor or stable.

It is mainly the manufacturing, entrepeneurship, the tailor-made and the artisanal business conservation who where the band engine.

Paddock Sport is lively with the desire of each identity adaption and more, sulimate it.

Paddock Sports story is also a philantrhopist brand history, wich work on her own scale to preserve jobs.

Indeed, since Celine engage herself in Paddock Sport adventure, the confection was realized with 4 hands, Celine and seamstress.

The history beging with a specialized linen factory wich where about to close, lack of customers and all the craftsmen were threaten to lose their jobs, the Paddock Sports founder did not hesitate before propose a crazy bet : start in the horse world and reconvert the linen factory in riding equipment factory.

Since today, Céline made a promise to herself, maintain  at least 10 jobs wich will participate to the Made In France brand manufacturing.

Each day in the Paddock Sports  workshop, those little hand work to the making and high quality of riding equipment personalization.

Thank’s to the craftsmen team and qualified seamstress, Paddock Sports put the creativity at the service of each personality ending to  enhance the everyone personality but also the feeling of belonging.

Thank’s to a personalized riding equipment, each rider can express his  passion and each sable can affirm, defend their color and  derate itself.


Our vision :


Living in a society  often  impersonal and strandardised, customization and self-made  allow to preserve, enhance and  express each identity.

In this respect, at Paddock Sports, we consider that riding equipment has to be a way to expresse, claim ourself and our passion.

Each stable and rider must have the possibility to find the perfect match link to their value of equipment.

In addition, in a world where the economic future is  uncertain, the working wolrd, fragile and the human hands made to much threaten or  replaced by digital, Paddock Sports defends a craft longtermist vision, precious in the franch patrimony,  rewarding for woman and essential for innovation an creativity.


Our  promise :

In order to move in adequation with our vision, manifest our ambition and  honor our mission, at Paddock Sports, we are committed with ours customers to :


  • Enhance customization Made In France on already existing product.
  • Maintain a french manufacturing
  • Ensure the continuity of jobs
  • Save manual business
  • Sustain both knowing of sewing and equestrian world, real key of needed understanding.
  • Act for the  transmission of  know-how from generation to generation.
  • Create confortables equipments, singular, aesthetic and sustainable.
  • Provide a wide selection of : color, material, customizations option.
  • Enhance the permanent and continuity of produtcs.
  • Being accessible, very responsive and listening each customers needed.